Ampoule Bottles
Ampoule Bottles

Glass Bottles
Glass Bottles-Moulded and Tube

Heat-seal and Non-seal Tea Bag Papers

Packing Products
PE    PEE    PEP    PEH    PEEH    PEPR

Plastic Bottles and Caps
Medical Solid Plastic Bottles
Medical Liquid Plastic Bottles
Medical Spray Plastic Bottles

Eye Drop Plastic Bottles
Medical PVC
Foodstuff and Industry PVC
Aluminum Foil
The Easy-tearing Compould Film
Alumimum-plastic or Aluminum-plastic Bags

Butyl Rubber
Butyl Rubber for Oral Liquid
Butyl Ruber for Free-dried
Butyl Ruber for Infusion Containers
Butyl Ruber for Infusion Containers

Film Products and Draws